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Anyways i got a bass driver, real tube tube overdrive, and tube enhancer, all the older versionsthe blue boxnot the fancy 80s ones, and i spent a good few days experimenting with settings, and writing down my faves, one thing i noticed is that on all 3 the controls are highly interactive with each other, the bass driver and real tube the. Butler tube driver blue 275 owners information pdf. The tone from this unit is so inspiring and diverse. Rackmount bk butler tube works blue tube rt904 rackmount bk butler tube works blue tube ii rt924 tube works rt4001 di direct box wps. I found this one at guitar resurrection in austin texas. He recommends the 5 knob model with the added bias control. I designed it in the early 1980s and eric johnson was one of my early customers.

He also made the blue tube unit, both rack and stomp box. Due to the fact that my tube drivers are oneoff limited production items, i do not offer a return policy. We at butler audio bring you the latest in stateoftheart vacuum tube driven mobile audio. Heart of the tube driver is a real handselected 12ax7 tube by bk butler himself controls. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item.

The tube driver is a legendary pedal used by players like eric johnson, david gilmour. Butler audio tube driver blue 475 as for not having good speakers, the great thing with a tube amp is they can even make poor quality speakers sound nice and warm and smooth. Butler tube driver blue 475 thermionic vacuum tube driven mobile power amplifier kondisi nossold design with authentic vacuum tube response and an openended design, zero global negative feedback, tube driver blue overcomes one of the most universally agreed upon sonic problems plaguing virtually all current amplifier designs. Repairing and replacing mr24 gable trim the reason the mr24 roof system is the highest performing standing seam roof system on the market today is its uniquely designed details and components. But the blue tube will be part of my collection for years to come, its a great keeper the way it is stock imo. Hampton drive at the southeast corner of hampton drive and sunset avenue. Coupled with a totally unique output load mirroring circuit, the hand selected 6sl7gt twin triode. The tube driver is not an extremely versatile pedal but what it does it does very well. This is a great sounding bass pre, which is actually what it is supposed to be i think, based on my research.

Others can be used, but sankens have shown extremely good linearity and consistency in. View online or download butler tube driver blue 275 owners information. Butler lost the game to franklin, 140, but the name bulldogs stuck. Bk butler tube driver page 2 joes guitars, amps and gear joe bonamassa forum the official forum for all things joe bonamassa, guitars and blues music. Uses an actual tube to achieve a fantastic smooth overdrive. I replaced the original 12ax7 tube with a jj electronics 12au7. About as close as you can get to the original chandler tube driver. Butler has been making since 2005 could be ordered with either voltage, so be sure you are buying a tube driver with the correct voltage for your country.

Overall in great shape considering the age of the pedal. The tube works provalve 60t may be perfect if i can find one. There have been four bulldogs to bear the name, with the most recent, who assumed the name in january 2020, set to officially take over as mascot in the 202021 school year. Tube driver blue is equipped with a special vacuum tube warm up circuit. Rotate the wheel and place the valve in start position. Butler tube driver 5knob w bias control youtube eric johnson interview guitars amp effects on up close album part 3 of 3 duration. I dont use it much anymore just because its in my old midi rack not because it doesnt sound good. Tis is the only handmade and authentic tube driver which i personally designed in 1983. Tube driver blue tdb275, tdb2150, tdb475 and tdb575 amplifiers are now available. Im no techie myself but after reading the material it does appear the butler is onto something somewhat novel, at least the driver tubes glowing blue does seem unique. I think largely because the original old school versions have been selling on ebay for big bucks for so long now, that b. Whenever your system is turned on, there will be an approximate 10 15 second delay before any sound will be heard.

There is no chandler tube driver never was a chandler tube driver. Butler audio models 5150 is a vacuum tube driven 5channel power amplifier. There is some real mojo in there if you know how to twist the knobs. During this warmup time, voltage is gently being applied to the vacuum tube heaters for proper startup. Want it to drive pedal chains or rackmount effects. Ensure consistent record keeping using automated bluebutler phone call reports to audit your agency management system records. Bk butler tubeworks blue tube bass driver whos using them. The real tube includes a mid range knob, allowing for a wider range of tones to be dialed in. Bk butler tube works tube driver 12ax7 overdrive effect pedal. Bk butler tubeworks blue tube bass driver whos using. Is there anythig similar to a bk butler tube driver and.

I kept the power section from john ks version of the blue tube. This pedal is legendary, used by eric johnson, kenny wayne shepherd, david gilmour, and many. During this warmup time, voltage is gently being applied to the vacuum tube heaters for proper startup and to insure long life. Butler tube works real blue tube enhancer 903 reverb. David gilmour of pink floyd was seen using two 1980s tube drivers in the studio and on tour in. Real tube by tube works other than one being in super cool enclosure, and the other in a buttugly enclosure, the 4 knob 911 tube drivers and 5 knob real tube versions are basically the same patented b. Bk butler s original hand made tube driver guitar pedal used by eric johnson, david gilmour, billy gibbons, joe satriani, kenny wayne shepherd, robbie krieger, and many other pros. Butler designed tube driver circuit with some component differences. Bk butler tube driver page 2 joes guitars, amps and gear. I like the tube driver and still use the real tube version of the circuit which is higher gain i think, the a 5knobber with tmb adjustment, and i love the dense harmonics of the distortion with single coils, its a rich overtone profile that i dont hear from other hard clipping ods, but.

Butler started making the 4 knob tube drivers again as a production model under the tube works brand around 199394. Used bk butler tube works tube driver, vintage tube overdrive pedal from the 1980s. For the bias control my favorite settings are maximum for gilmour tones and 10 notches below maximum for my original tones, which is roughly 2. Mobile column lifts for tractors pair of mobile columns to raise different tractors. Press start button and the tyre changer is ready to work in automatic mode aikido program. As i mentioned earlier, you might be surprised to find that you can actually buy an original b. Tube works 9 tube driver rackmount effects database. Tube driver original by bk butler with bias control. I remember when he, and another friend, got these pedals. This is a classic overdrive pedal used by professionals such as by eric johnson, joe satriani, david gilmour and many others. Check out these unsolicited customer videos on youtube.

Heart of the tube driver is a real handselected 12ax7 tube by bk butler himself. Database contains 1 butler tube driver blue 475 manuals available for free online viewing or downloading in pdf. I have a butler real tube rack mount unit, an early one. Heres the tube driver made famous by david gilmour. Definitely get the bias knob upgrade as its the key to this already stellar platform. The core of the pedal is a handselected 12ax7 tube which gives you a lovely sort of fuzzdrive sound than can sound amazingly smooth and textured in the hands of masters like david gilmour who still features 2 of these within his rig. Drive automotive industries of america, incorporated, dba magna drive automotive, defendant appellee, and employbridge of dallas incorporated, dba resourcemfg. Chandler dynamo tube preamp for musical instruments. Others can be used, but sankens have shown extremely good linearity and consistency in production batches. Each pedal takes me several hours of my personal time. Hate to do this but i want to go a different route simply due to space concerns. Apparently my friend felt the same way, the pedal quickly fell into disuse and was almost forgotten for years until he gave it to me yesterday.

This is the original model, designed by bk butler, built by chandler industries with the power supply built. View online or download butler tube driver blue 475 owners information. If you havent heard tube driver blue, you dont know how great sound can be in your car. This is the original model, designed by bk butler, built by chandler industries with the power supply built in. There are nearly 100 bike racks spread out around campus for convenience. Rare tube driver blue 2150 amplifier butler audio for sale. Looking for 60w80w amp head, all tube, less effects the better. View online or download butler tube driver blue 575 owners information. Known the world over for creating the eric johnson violin tone and as one of two main pedals used by david gilmour. Yesterday i was given a tube works blue tube pedal by a friend, which contains a 12ax7 valve tube. Fiberglass 3 step stair 30h x 26w x 36d boat cms03 blemished sale. I own or have owned all the different variants both original and newer versions of these pedals with exception to the blue tube enhancer.

Tube driver blue 2150 amplifiers description 2 x 150watts rms, both channels driven true power tube heaters dc, fully regulated, delayed soft start output devices 12 x 15amps, sanken audiophile grade massive internalexternal heat. Nov 30, 2016 butler for youtube was created right from the start to be as userfriendly as possible, having easy settings, an uncluttered interface and the ability to configure. Tube driver blue eliminates global negative feedback entirely. Thanks to his early endorsement as the creator of his famous violin tone, my tube driver has become a standard of many pro musici. Dont condemn this flexibility to spell unfitness for serious audiophile adventures. Have you seen how much your original bk butler chandler tube driver units are getting on ebay. I dont use the blue tube much for drive but i do dial a little bit of dirt into the signal. By default, shimmy was the first butler bulldog mascot at butler in 1919 thanks to his timely appearance in the butler collegian office on that fortuitous fall day. Chandler tube driver rackmount tube works 902 real tube rackmount tube works 9 tube driver rackmount tube works 922 real tube ii rackmount. The tube driver was repackaged as the tube works real tube for a while and later picked up briefly by genzbenz. Butler tube driver famously used by david gilmour, eric johnson, billy gibbons and joe satriani to name a few. Make offer tube works valve distortion guitar bass keyboard pedal overdrive bk butler blue rare 1987 b.

The tube driver houses a preamp tube and it generates distortion by overdriving the tube rather than conventional pedal methods. User manuals, guides and specifications for your butler tube driver blue 475 car amplifier. With bluebutler, performance in all areas critical to haber. The tube driver is a holy grail type pedal, but many people, especially younger players, have never heard of it. Butler blue is the english bulldog mascot that serves as the official live mascot of butler university. The tube driver blue architecture merely lends itself to being packaged in 5channel guise to make the tdb 5150 the first hometheater tube amp thatll run cool to be left powered up indefinitely. Our range of dvblink products for nas and for windows based pcs offers everything you need to enjoy your favorite satellite dvbss2, cable dvbc and qam, terrestrial dvbtt2 and atsc, iptv and analog tv channels and recordings within your home network and on the go. Butler tube driver blue 475 owners information pdf. This pedal has a couple of solid stage amplifiers cascading into a tube configured as a cathode follower and running its plates at around 9v. Some used 4 knob tube drivers marked chandler are not the original design by bk butler. Its a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at. Tdb 475 t h e r m i o n i c vacuum tube driven mobile power amplifier design with authentic vacuum tube response and an openended design, zero global negative feedback, tube driver blue overcomes one of the most universally agreed upon sonic problems plaguing virtually all current amplifier designs.

He is still handbuilding tube driver pedals, and says he still does the occasional td with the eq points set for bass, as well as with lower gain. Find great deals on ebay for bk butler tube driver and bk butler tube driver bias. Some of his first tw products were the 5knob real tube overdrive tw901 and blue tube enhancer tw903, a lower gain version for blues players. Butler tube driver blue 475 manuals and user guides, car. Hi andrea, i have the bk butler tube driver with bias mod as well, i use a nos yugo real tube tho 12ax7. In the butler thermionic also called tube driver blue circuitry, high voltages are avoided and the transformer is replaced by currentmultiplying output devices, in this case, sanken multiemitter types. Discover helpful resources, free tips and guides on how to better maintain and repair your butler building throughout the year. Tube works 910 tube driver 3 knobs tube works 911 tube driver 4 knobs b. Butler audio tube driver blue 475 realm of excursion. Provide automated reports on all critical call content and performance activity. Butler tube driver, and designed for a smoother tube overdrive perfect for blues and classic rock. Butler tube driver blue 475 thermionic vacuum tube. If it says tube driver on it as a model name, its one way or the other supposed to be under the auspices of or royalties to one mr.

I wasnt impressed at all, they didnt sound any better than ss overdrive pedals to my ears. Butler tube driver blue 475 owners information pdf download. It uses a 12ax7 which is pushed by a dual opamp followed by a fenderstyle tone stack. Staffing solutions southeast incorporated, dba resourcemfg, defendants. You were making a limited run of 6 this year, any plans to mass produce them in the future. Tube works and chandler tube driver s have been on the market at different times, and in different versions. Its kind of like having a section of your amp right in a pedal. Compatible with all electric guitars and amplifiers. Published united states court of appeals for the fourth circuit no. These were the original tube outboard guitar preamps and they still sound wonderful. Bk butler tube works blue tube iibk butler tube works blue tube ii guitar preamp. Establish baseline performance targets as you now know what performance levels your staff has been historically achieving. These pedals have to be dialed in for each individual amp and guitar combination as they are relatively low output and the tube drive tends to kick in at a lower level than some pedals. Bk butler guitar effects pedals for sale in stock ebay.

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