Akta pump 900 user manual

Unicorn is mostly menudriven and menus can be prompted by clicking on an area e. Inlet or outlet check valves not functioning correctly. System includes computer system with unicorn software, frac920 fraction collector. Akta pure 25 new owners intro the exercise below will give a quick demonstration of how easy and intuitive the akta pure 25 will be for you in demonstrating downstream processing to your students. Akta avant laboratory equipment pdf manual download. View and download ge akta avant user manual online. Belkin f5u220 user manual vvm worked after a soft reset of the device with the sim inserted but only over wifi. Our hplc systems such as the agilent 1100 and 1200 series, akta fplcs, and. There are two sets of valves between the pump and the column.

System description, system maintenance and troubleshooting are also. The system comes standard with a uvconductivity monitor upc900, that enables the use of an optional ph probe. We offer an assortment of refurbished and used liquid chromatography solutions ranging from hplc, lcms to fplc. Switch off the crossflow pump and then the feed pump and close the wine inlet and the wine outlet valves.

It also contains an overview of the safety instructions. I tried purging the pump multiple times but no success. Ge amersham akta explorer 100 fplc chromatography systems are made for fast development and optimization of almost any biomolecular purification, utilizing one working platform for all samples and techniques. Akta chromatography systems have been a staple in protein purification for the past two decades and used throughout the globe.

Flow rate up to 20 mlmin, pressure up to 5 mpa hg lamp, wavelength 254 and 280 nm. The ge akta purifier 10 is a flexible modular fast protein liquid chromatography system. M925 mixing chamber, inv907 valve, p960 pump, air900 air monitor. Laboratory equipment ge phc900 operating instructions manual. The pump ii delivers fluid to the column vii via a pressure sensor iii and the air trap v. Comes with the cu950 interface, and the akta stack has the following components. Upc900 p920 inv907 m925 new listing fully tested pharmacia hiload pump p50. Our systems can be customized to include almost any configuration of autosamplers, detectors and pumps.

Pump p900 manually priming buffer inlet lines open d r a w a i r o u t o f b u f f e r l i n e manual flowpath a1 or a2 buffervalvea manual flowpath b1 or b2 buffervalveb pump a pump b common inlet a2 a1 common inlet b2 b1. It will help if they get w10 with some good dev support when it comes out. Figure 12 shows a largescale separation using a hiload 2610 q sepharose fast flow column 50 ml. Air accumulates easier in the flow cell if the flow restrictor doesnt generate enough backpressure, hence check that the flow restrictor gives a backpressure of 0. Monitor uv900 user manual 18112005 edition af connect two uninet cables to the uninet1 connectors. Amersham biosciences ge healthcare akta fplc system inquire about availability system includes phc900 detector, uv900 detector, p900 pump, frac 950 fraction collector, 3 pv908 rotary valves, inv907 injection valve, m925 mixer, p950 pump, air900 air sensor. The method magician and optimized system configurations enable rapid networking viewing, method scouting, procedure optimization, and also scaleup experiments.

The uninet1 link connects, in series, the pc with pump p905, monitor phc900 and monitor uv900. C900 manual online booking akta start system room w312, anderson. Amersham biosciences ge healthcare akta explorer 100. The uninet 1 link connects, in series, the pc with pump p920, monitor upc900 and the frac900. Monitor upc900 is intended for laboratory use only, not for clinical or in vitro use, or for diagnostic purposes. Disassemble pump cylinder and examine the piston spring according to instructions in the pump p900 user manual. Water pump backwash lines wash out wash in buffer in buffer out high pressure. System pump model with four pump heads in two pump modules. It is important not to proceed until all stated conditions are met and clearly understood. Once the lines have been washed with water, you will need to start a manual run before attaching your column to the system.

Free download akta fplc p920 manual programs rutrackerroof. Amersham pharmacia akta explorer 100 fplc system at. This high flow rate is necessary when working with. Using the akta prime plus october 22, 2012 3 j e n n i f e r a r r u d a attaching the column and washing the ethanol from the column.

The instrument can be connected in series anywhere in the chain between the pc and the termination plug. If damaged, replace the piston according to instructions in the pump p900 user manual. Amersham biosciences ge healthcare akta fplc system. After 10 minutes, add 900 ml 1 quart of memox to the solution and let it circulate for another 10 minutes. Box 900 solvent storage tray phc 900 ph and conductivity detector uv. Ge healthcares formerly amersham biosciences akta fplc. Also i purge d the pump with 100% methanol but everytime i purge i. All eluents can be mixed with a high degree of accuracy an reproducibility. Manual flowpath b1 or b2 buffervalveb pump a pump b common inlet a2 a1 common inlet b2 b1. This set up creates a lower flow rate but at a higher pressure required. Akta fplc system room w312, anderson stuart aktadesign monitor ph. Information for operations, replacement parts, troubleshooting, technical data and warranty information for graco products can be found in the instruction manuals. Flow rates compatible with larger scale separations.

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