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Works with windows 7 32 and 64 bit, windows 8 and 8. Wouxun programming software for kg uv8d radios click the download free trial button above and get a 14day, fullyfunctional trial of crossover. Jul 16, 2015 i have recently come across the software the wouxun factory uses to set the band limits on the kguv950p. Computer mode kg uvd1 handheld transceiver programs by computer, the programming connection and the programming software. It has great performance, its loaded with features, and it has a nice, large, color lcd display. See more ideas about computer programming, computer coding and computer science. If the link doesnt work for you, try the attachments at the very bottom of the page. President lincoln ii cb export radio am fm ssb 10 meter. The wouxun kg uv950p quad band mobile two way radio has all the great features of the popular kg uv920pa dual band mobile radio, and more, two bands more, to be precise it transmits and receives on the 2 meter 144148 mhz, 70cm 420450 mhz, 6 meter 50. Twoway radio wouxun kg 689e manual 35 pages twoway radio wouxun kg 689e series user manual 35 pages twoway radio wouxun kg 699e series manual 35 pages twoway radio wouxun kg uv8d operation manual 38 pages.

Compatible for wouxun kg uv9d dual band portable radio exclusively. Check boxes toggle features on or off, drop down menus list all selections and blank boxes for personalized entry add to the ease of setting up your radio exactly like you want it. For the wouxun kg uv6d, the communications protocol and the radio memory map for channel attributes are the same as for the kg uvd1 and successors with the following exceptions. So i navigated to the cd directory and found 2 folders and 1 text file.

Kg833 radio programming software wouxun radio software. Wouxun kguv950p band unlocking experimental engineering. This later version may work better, particularly for win10. Each piece of software works with specific wouxon handheld models making it easy for you to handle the radios features without wading through those that dont apply. This one is might be interesting for people who want to use the radio in the shack. Kg 619 programming software 1,998kb 20100802 kg 689e the advanced programming software 4,304kb 20100728 how to tell the exact configuration of the transceiver 226kb 20100720 kg 3000 programming software 336kb 20100615 kg 659ethe upgrade programming software 2,0kb 20100612. Rpskguv8d programming software radio option setting screens common use this screen to customize other set menu features of the radio. Once another ham and i got this radio configured and programmed and got me familiar with how to program repeaters and simplex on it, i was able to hit one repeater from my house using the. Twoway radios free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Rt systems software works with windows xp, vista and windows 7 32 and 64 bit operating systems. Once you are familiar with using the ht, then the users guide becomes really helpful. I popped the cd into my laptop running windows 7 home premium and found that no software automatically ran.

Rpskguv8d programming software for the wouxun kguv8d. I just programmed upload to radio my new wouxun kg833 with chirp as a kg 816 for 466. Wouxun standard capacity 1700 mah liion battery pack. The wouxun kg uv8d is a popular dual band handheld two way radio for a reason. Version 7band 999 channel dualband handheld amateur radio. This is an unofficial fan page run by wouxun owner and fan chuck, n2dup. Ideal for fire, police, fema, cap, security patrols, business communications, schools, construction crews, universities, and other organizations that have. Effects of chronic exposure to an environmentally relevant mixture of brominated flame retardants on the reproductive and thyroid system in adult male rats. When i download from radio channel 1 frequency is 1666. Wouxun kg679e vhf version wouxun handheld radio at. After youve downloaded crossover check out our youtube tutorial video to the left, or visit the crossover chrome os walkthrough for specific steps. Wouxun rubber silicon soft case for wouxun kguv8d portable. Programming with software the kg uv950p uses the same usb programming cable as the kg uv920pa, so if you already have one, you are halfway there. A copy of the doc may be obtained through the following address.

Wouxun kguv3x pro transceivers ht commercial, kguv3x pro. Wouxun kguv950p band unlocker 1948 downloads heres an english version of the interface. Rt systems advanced radio programming software and usb cable kit for wouxun. Top kodi archive and support file vintage software community software apk msdos cdrom software cdrom software library. The included factory wouxun software is practically unuseable. Of course, if you have the open source programming software called chirp, its even better, because it now supports the original kg uv8d. Along with the kg uv950p, i ordered the wouxun programming cable and accompanying software. Twoway radio wouxun kg 689e manual 35 pages twoway radio wouxun kg 689e series user manual 35 pages twoway radio wouxun kg uv6x user manual. The kg uv3x pro is a compact, highperformance dual band handheld commercial transceiver providing up to 5 watts of rf power on vhf and 4 watts on uhf, along with high audio output 500 mw. Buy wouxun kg679e vhf version wouxun handheld radio online at. It corrupts the functionality of the radio when saving information into the radio.

Wouxun kg uv8e tri band software zipped direct download. View and download wouxun kg 819 user manual online. Kg 689 lcd board kg 689 lcd top kg 689 lcd bottom white d701 150r 150r 510r 510r 102p 102p kg 689 lcd 10uf10v 8. Wouxun kg uvd1p programming guide english uv2d uv3d uv6d duration. Powerwerx wxrsm heavy duty remote speaker microphone for wouxun and anytone radios. Wouxun software download baofeng software download. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff.

Rpskg833 software software program memories and other setting of the wouxun kg 833 radios. Wouxun usb programming cable pl2303 prolific usb driver installer v1. Wouxun s warranty policy is their radios are warranted for eighteen months. Rt systems radio programming software wouxun main trading. While the software is in chinese, its functional, and allows setting of all band limits on the radio. Original 6way charger universal rapid charger for wouxun kg uvd1p kg uv6d kg uva1 kg 833 kg 639e kg 659e kg 669e kg 679e kg 689e kg 699e kg 703e two way radio. Sep 18, 2012 wouxun kguv920r volume mod there arent many ham operators yet who own the wouxun kguv920r, but the first mods already surfaced. Rps kguv950p software software program memories and other setting of the wouxun kg 950p mobile radio. Rt systems programming software for windows 7 32 and 64 bit, windows 8 and 8. Wouxun kg 699e hf 6688mhz twoway radio new handheld two way radio single knob,version. With four band transmission and eight band reception, this powerful radio delivers up to 40 watts uhf and 50 watts vhf for maximum range and power at extremely low cost. Kg uv8t programming software and usbk4y cable for the wouxun kg uv8t. If you dont, you will need the pco003, which includes the wouxun cable driver and programming software cd when purchased from buy two way radios. Rt systems advanced radio programming software and usb cable kit for wouxun radios.

The wouxun software did not display its information boxes well on my windows 10 pc, leaving the info in the boxes half hidden on some of the tabbed screens. Effects of chronic exposure to an environmentally relevant. Rpskguv8t programing software only for wouxun kg august 5, 2019. The free wouxun software is ok, but the free kg uv commander software is better and easy to use. Wouxun two way radios baofeng tyt usa dealer kg udv1p ham radio dual band ht lowest price fast shipping buy online wouxun chargers, antennas, parts, software and cables. Would have given it 5 stars had it been easier to program and operate from the front panel.

Kg uvd1 has 128 memory structures of sixteen bytes, starting at 0x0010. Although the programming software provided by wouxun isnt perfect, its really not too bad, and its not too difficult to figure out over time. This problem has existed since the first kg uv2d radios they branded for me three to four years ago. Wouxun kg 968 bluetooth walkie talkie long talk range ip 66 waterproof portable two way radio. This problem has happened to kg uv6d radios delivered to me in 20 my last order received. Choose the software linked below that matches your radio manufacturer and model number. I sent for the usb prgramming cable inc software as i did not fancy programming the 128 memory channels by. Two radios are needed and the wireclone cable, the source radio sending all the settings and parameters to other radios, and the target radio to be cloned with all the settings and parameters from the source radio. The wouxun kg uv950p is a new quad band basemobile two way radio packed with a plethora of features at an unbelievably affordable price. Wouxun wouxun kg699e 6688mhz portable walkie talkie 66. To download, rightclick the link and choose save target as programming software for wouxun dualband models. Wouxun programming software for kguv8d radios what runs. Works only with the rt systems usbk4y cable as shown below.

Simply follow the wouxun kg uv920pa cable driver installation. Buy wouxun kg 699e4m wouxun handheld radio online at. Fortunately wouxun didnt promise anything lightyears in advance this time not many will have forgotten the kguv920r media frenzy years ago. When i was done, all i get is a continuous audible tone on ch. They expect the warranty to be handled by the dealer selling the radio. Dual band vhfuhf 200 channel handheld commercial radio 39 pages twoway radio wouxun kg uv6d user manual. Just purchased th kg 699e directly from hong kong via their store on ebay.

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