Dh 16a6s lightscribe software

The reason you cant use a normal dvd drive for lightscribe labeling is because the drive needs added circuitry to perform the lightscribe function this added circuitry is hidden completely in all. If you are looking for some free lightscribe software, a video tutorial or two, have a lightscribe problem to solve or simply want to get some support on your lightscribe labeling journey, you will, i hope, find what you are looking for here. Whether you are building a gaming pc, desktop pc, or laptop, liteon has the perfect storage solution for you. It worked the first time i used it, but now it tells me there is a communication problem with the writer. The standard installation of the lightscribe template labeler comes with 15 templates preinstalled.

When the file download window appears, click save or save this program to your hard drive. There are three elements of lightscribe that make precise, highquality labels such as hardware, software, and media. This lightscribe software free download for windows 7 and other windows version as trial. I have the sure thing labeling softwareshipped with my hp lightscribe dvd writer. Easily add images and photos with a simple drag and drop. This item liteon dh 16a6s dvdrw dl labelflash sata black optical disk drive dh 16a6s16c. Printing technology that writes labels onto special optical discs. Another characteristic of a ls disc is the matte gold finish on the top of the discs. I have one sata liteon dh16a3l lightscribe dvd writer with firmware 8h1b just purchased. The drive reads and writes discs, but the labeling software does not recognize that a lightscribe enabled drive is installed. Lightscribe system software and sdk provides libraries and a software development kit for lightscribe direct disc labeling. Download all the lightscribe software you need for windows and. Lightscribe is a digital system that enables the users to burn labels directly onto discs.

Lightscribe is an optical disc recording technology that was created by the hewlettpackard. Lightscribe software that allows you to print labels. Must install lightscribe system software first before installing. Hp dvd640c dvd writer software and driver downloads hp. Plds dh 16a6s driver download thanks for marking this as the answer. This package provides the firmware for pldsdh16aes, revision dd12, and is supported on inspiron, vostro, optiplex, xps and precision models running the following windows operating systems. First of all, make your choice in deciding about the software you need according to the information available above. This software is absolutely essential when it comes to etching the discs because it is the program in charge of activating the. Plds dh16a6s sata hh dvdrw firmware update this package provides the windowsdos based plds dh16a6s sata hh dvdrw firmware update and is supported on alienware desktop, inspiron desktop, optiplex, precision, studio desktop, studio xps desktop, vostro desktop and xps desktop models that are running the following windows operating systems. Before doing that however i upgraded to windows 10 so now i need help finding a windows 10 compatible lightscribe program hopefully free. Using the my computer icon or windows explorer, click on the cd drive from the cd drive, doubleclick the setup. Lightscribe system software only makes sure that the compatibility between the burning software and the recorder is complete. If there is inconsistency between the image and the actual product, the.

Make offer liteon dvdcd rewritable drive, lightscribe lh20a1l sata 20x pair of liteon 3. All material or information provided on this website is indicative only. The dh16a6s features labelflash technology, allowing you to make labels and burn them directly to your lightscribe discs. Lightscribe system software and sdk provides libraries and a software development kit for lightscribe direct disc labeling of special writable dvd media. Free windows lightscribe software free lightscribe. The software includes a powerful text editor than can align and wrap text on the disc. Appendix a lightscribe software setup instruction software installation insert the lightscribe installation disc into the cd drive of your computer. I installed a lg gh24ls50 dvdrw with lightscribe labeling. Very nice to make lightscribe discs but i have a new mac pro and wanted to shift all to it. Lightscribe community help wiki ubuntu documentation. So i thought i would crossflash, but all i could do is save the firmware to disk. Xps 630i software firmware bios updates it is currently fri may 22, 2020 11. Dvdrw internal drive with lightscribe lacie support us. Free or premium lightscribe software here you can download all the lightscribe software you will ever need.

Lightscribe is a direct disclabeling technology that provides a simple way to create precise silkscreenquality labels for discs. This file contains a compressed or zipped set of files. Liteon dh16a3l lightscribe dvd writer fw8h1b techspot. Dvdscribe is a very simple lightscribe application that allows you to burn images on your lightscribe discs. Website, 1 hp lightscribe information site closed nov 20. Never fuss with a messy permanent marker ever again. I have no problem burning cds or dvds on the writer, only using the lightscribe function. Lightscribe model, welcome to dell technical support, 16a6s revision. It is software for writing labels on cds that have the lightscribe media on the top of the cd it also requires that the cd writer be lightscribe capable. Lightscribe system software lightscribe software free. Liteon dh20a4h08 burner with lightscribe tigerdirect. Liteon offers an array of optical disk drives odd from dvdrom, dvdrw to bluray drives meeting the needs for various applications. Learn about the liteon dh20a4h08 burner with lightscribe at tigerdirect.

Download the latest drivers, firmware, and software for your hp dvd640c dvd writer. Creating a label uses the lightscribeenabled dvd drive of your computer with enhanced disclabeling software, and specially coated cd or dvd discs sold. I found that you can download the lightscribe software easily but it only runs the simple version meaning no custom labels using ones one pictures and such. Lightscribe software for windows 10 microsoft community. How to perform disk labelling through lightscribe software. Lightscribe software and support the home of lightscribe software and support since january 2014 welcome to. This is hps official website that will help automatically detect and download the correct drivers free of cost for your hp computing and printing products for windows and mac operating system. A nice plus is the included software suite on an included cd. Lightscribe support for windows 7 64 microsoft community. Liteon dh16a6s driver shipping method is at our discretion. The design program called lightscribe helps individuals craft their own compact disc covers. Genuine dell dh16a6s dw804 dh16a6s10c liteon desktop dt full height sata. Recently got rid of an old dell that had two lightscribe drives in it. If all requirements are met, you will see a lightscribe button in the print cover dialog shortcut.

Having problems getting your lightscribe discs recognized by your drive then lightscribe media support is where we lend a helping hand. Creating a lightscribe label with nero cover designer. Hard drive installation file extractions only instructions. Keep burning beautiful lightscribe discs by regularly updating your lightscribe system software. Although hp is no longer developing the technology, it is still maintained and supported by a number of independent enthusiasts. I tried lightscribes generic software, the labelit software that came with the drive and nero 9. This program allows users to decorate the front side or cover of a disc with any combination of text and image. Creating a label uses the lightscribeenabled dvd drive of your computer with enhanced disclabeling software, and specially coated cd or dvd discs. I have used the software in the lightscribe toolbox to create well over 27,000 lightscribe labels using three different lightscribe drives, four different computers and six different versions of windows xp, vista 7, 8. Plds optical disk drive firmware update driver details. Lightscribe software free lightscribe software youtube. Lightscribe media support lightscribe software free and. All you have to do is burn, flip the disc, and then burn again.

Creating a label uses the lightscribe enabled dvd drive of your computer with enhanced disclabeling software, and specially coated cd or dvd discs. The update contains feature enhancements or changes that will help keep your system software current and compatible with other system modules firmware, bios, drivers and software. Lacie has released the first software that allows burning labels on lightscribe media using lightscribe drives under linux. Xps 630i software firmware bios updates it is currently thu may 21, 2020 3. If you press the button, cdburnerxp will generate an image using the data entered in the dialog title, disc number, background picture and load the lightscribe print options dialog with it. Lightscribe software free and premium lightscribe labeling. What is lightscribe system software and do i need it. Buy the liteon dh20a4h06 super allwrite dvdrw 20x oem at a super low price. For most of us thats just not enough if you think 650 more templates would help you design your perfect lightscribe label, 43 template labeler template packs may be just what youre looking for have fun steve. It uses specially coated recordable cd and dvd media to produce laseretched labels with text or graphics, as opposed to stickon labels and printable discs. I am often asked steve, can i use my current dvd drive to create lightscribe labels but unfortunately the answer is no. Lacie lightscribe labeler for mac user manual, installation, troubleshooting tips, and downloads.

Lastly, since lightscribe media have an inner circle on the disc with encoding information, the label contents must conform to a lightscribe template, which will be covered below. Make sure you have software that supports lightscribe see list above most important. Audiolabel lightscribe software helps you design and create custom lightscribe disc labels. Org has been home of lightscribe software and support since 2014. Lightscribe software for windows 10 hello, i just took a lightscribe burner out of one computer and put it in my newer computer. Hp desktop pcs creating disc labels with lightscribe hp support. Because the system software has not been updated since march 20 some people are not able to install the system software if they are running. Lightscribe is an optical disc recording technology that was created by the hewlettpackard company. Hp desktop pcs creating disc labels with lightscribe. Another key feature is the ability to automatically import cd album information and instantly fill out the label.

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