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We are scout run, active in the community, have plenty of outings and numerous eagle scout graduates. This dutch oven cooking book is intended for boy scouts 11 years of age and up to use in making some great camp meals. Lets take a detailed look at the two main dish recipes page. The burner attaches directly to a fuel bottle, giving the unit terrific output per ounce of weight. Scouting trivia questions how many boy scout ranks are there. Each scout can explore topics from american business to woodworking as they have interest. Since a red card is not a certification, it can be taught by anyone in a. In the backcountry, a lightweight backpacking stove is a convenience most of the time, an irritation sometimes when it doesnt work as it should and, in certain circumstances, a critical piece of gear that can help get you through a challenging situation such as when you must melt snow or heat stream water to stave off hypothermia. From the buddy system as explained in the boy scout handbook to the patrol method, the course uses familiar techniques to help convey the fun and fellowship of scouting, to demonstrate the knowledge leaders need to fulfill their roles successfully, and to reinforce safety issues. Try the 30day scouts bsa challenge, a great way to keep your scouting skills sharp and begin. Mountain biking irresponsibly during the covid19 pandemic puts you and others at risk.

Official boy scout 19 piece trail chef cook kit, in orginial box. Cinnamon rolls get the toasty treatment when wrapped around skewers and warmed over a fire. The campfire gourmets guide to backpacking foods from the supermarket. The pamphlets contain requirements, introductory information and supplemental reference text. Each patrol might plan to feed only its scouts and their fami. This tracks boys from 11 year old new scouts to tenderfoot scouts to s. After 30 years of camping, weve come up with an arsenal of surefire recipes. The requirements listed below are the current and official requirements of the boy scouts of america. Pumpkin seed cherry trail mix by cooking in stilettos. Sometimes scouts have trouble coming up with new ideas when planning meals for camp.

Send that pdf to every adult in your program and have. While on a trail hike or backpacking trip, prepare and serve two meals and a snack from the menu planned for this requirement. There are many great ways to cook on backpacking trips so dont think you need to eat trail mix the whole time. Plan and carry out an overnight snow camping experience.

Be careful to keep any items that could catch fire paper towel rolls. Many of these free cooking recipes are intended to also minimize the number of dirty pots and pans so clean up is less of a chore. Look for added details enhancing quality and style. If the dens are to cook at their sites, they will need cooking equipment and supplies. These camping recipes will make your campfire or dutch oven cooking more enjoyable and tasty. And it might also encourage a cub scout to try something new.

What is the general rule for putting vegetables in hot and cold water. The program structures participation like a boy scout troop. Occasionally, the requirements will not match those in the printed scout handbook, the annual scouts bsa requirements book, or some merit badge pamphlets because of the timing of. For outdoor cooking, legs are a necessity, they maintain the height of the oven above ground allowing air for the coals underneath. Each tasty recipe is accompanied by easytoread information about cooking method, basic essentials, and instructions. Prepare scouts to utilize different heat sources when cooking. How one bsa council is addressing the skilledtrades shortage how leaders helped their scouts plan and replan an epic trek. All food must be stored at safe temperatures and cooked to proper temperatures to limit the risk of illness. What does a good cook see is on the fire before he starts eating. Plus t 3 cook books for dutch oven cooking and cleaning instruction for pots and packing instructions. The scout s outdoor cookbook emphasizes the best food preparation and techniques currently used in scouting. Hopefully, you will find something new and easy to try on your next camping outing. Take a nonmotorized trip on the water of at least four hours or 5 miles.

Broil to cook using a direct heat source such as over or under an open fire. Camp olmsted scouts, camp pmi webelos, and camp ross webelos. Scoutbook boy scouts camping merit badge requirements. An official boy scouts of america merit badge pamphlet has been created for the bsa by topic authorities for each merit badge. Using at least five of the 10 cooking methods from requirement 3, prepare and serve yourself and at least one adult parent, family member, guardian, or other responsible adult one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and one dessert. It takes you from the most basic points of planning a menu for the trip every meal must be planned in advance when on the trail, to shopping, selection and care of pans and gear, safely storing food outdoors, bear and wild animal safety, fire building, basic. Public scoutcraft boy scout troop 2535 arlington, virginia. Merit badges requirements and aids scout activities great scout activity ideas scout awards see what awards are available to scouts scout ceremonies some ceremony ideas scout games patrol or troop games scout graces fun meal graces scout jokes funny, gross, and silly jokes for scouts scout projects community projects for scouts bsa patrols or. Thoroughly covered are recipes employing timetested cooking methods using dutch ovens, pots and pans, grills, and open fire.

Riding injuries put unnecessary stress on medical systems that need all available resources to fight the virus, and group rides increase your chances of exposure. Additionally, here are some troop 104 tested ideas. Cooking is a skill you can learn now and enjoy for life. Cooking merit badge 1 cooking merit badge 2 requirements 1. Develop the skills needed to become selfsufficient in cooking for oneself and others. These recipes remind me of those in my first boy scout handbook 7th edition, 1965.

Red card red card training is a requirement for several different merit badges. The meals prepared for cooking merit badge requirements 4, 5, and 6 will count only toward fulfilling those requirements and will not count toward rank advancement or other merit badges. With a little planning and practice, you can easily turn. Philmont country cookbook ptc antacid optional troop 880. Mar 22, 2017 this boy scout excel spreadsheet is a workbook of free spreadsheets developed by evan clements, a scout leader in the hobble creek district, utah national parks council. All the information for a scout to complete the requirements for the cooking. Go light, no fuss, no mess food cooked on the trail should be. Please keep in mind that this book is over 400 pages long. These meals must not require refrigeration and are to be consumed by three to five people including you. Using the myplate food guide or the current usda nutrition model, give five examples for each of the following food groups, the recommended number of daily servings, and the recommended serving size.

Cookies, cakes, pies, and roasts are typically baked. Lightweight stoves the whisperlite is a great example of a backpacking stove that can burn white gas, kerosene, or fuel for automobiles and aircraft. Review with your counselor the injuries that might arise from cooking, including burns and scalds, and the proper treatment. Jan 14, 2019 scouts learn about food safety, nutrition, and cooking techniques while working on the cooking merit badge. Cooking basics cooking basics most people appreciate good food and the comfort of a delicious homecooked meal. Folks who eat storebought, freezedried meals dont talk much about their camp dinners. The 12th and current edition of the boy scout handbook.

Each time a scout cooks for the badge whether at home, in camp or on the trail he is supposed to ask those he has served to evaluate his efforts. The california company hadley fruit orchards claims that it was the first one to produce trail mix. And even if you arent working on an adventure, helping to prepare a healthy and fun snack or meal promotes independence. What do you mean by making a cast when following a trail. Many scouts know the fun of enjoying a tasty cookout after a rigorous day in the outdoors. Learn how to cook all your favorite camping foods in this handy, dandy guide. We have used your trail cooking recipes and techniques in preparing for trips with older scouts however by the time they are age appropriate for backpacking they have already learned the basic cooking skills offered by the merit badge. They also have to plan, prepare, and cook meals at camp, at home, and on the trail. This edition adds new, updated information, links to resources on the web at. Trail mix is one of the cub scout six essentials for outdoor activities.

Request new merit badge topics if you feel another topic or activity should be added, you need to tell the boy scouts of america directly. Boy scout troop 2535 arlington, virginia scoutlander. Please assist your scout in planning a quality menu, helping them get the most they can out of this badge. Camping food tastes best when you make it yourself from an easy recipe whether its chicken in a ductch oven or some dessert over an open campfire. Boy scouts usually are not cleared for highadventure such as backpacking until age 14. With roasted chicken and dumplings in a thick, savory gravy, it reminded me of something grandma might make. Boy scouts p38 military can opener for keychain survival tool. To reach eagle rank, a scout must complete a total of at least 21 boy scout merit badges, of which come from the eaglerequired badge list. Cooking information troop meetings main event printable pdf file of meeting plans and ideas for cooking objectives this months activities should. Describe how meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy products, and fresh vegetables should be stored, transported, and properly prepared.

Take a bike trip of at least 15 miles or at least four hours. Scouting from home patriots path council boy scouts of. Write cooking directions on the outside of the bag with. The scouts cook book have a cooking plan the secret of preparing a meal both successfully and punctually is doing things in the correct order.

Meals are prepared by professional food service staff and served family style. We ask that you and the scouts parents approve of the menus the scout plans. The scout law states that a scout is friendly and kind. Crackers, rye crisp, pita, kalvi flat bread, various crisp breads, imported and domestic breads. The most common variety is one with three legs, although flatbottomed ones and four legged ones can also be had. This is for use by boy scouter leaders to keep track of boy scouts advancement. Red card is not a certification but is intended to familiarize scouts with cpr. Scoutbook boy scouts cooking merit badge requirements. There are several cub scout adventures related to cooking. Ed bailey, denver area council, centennial district 1 general commandments of trail cookery. Scouting from homescout rank 30 day first class scout challenge even with schools closed and many scouting events on pause, theres still opportunities to keep on scouting.

Boy scout campout cookbook includes recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, trail snacks, and dessert. After each meal, have those you served evaluate the meal on presentation and taste, then evaluate your own. Scouts learn about food safety, nutrition, and cooking techniques while working on the cooking merit badge. All recipes can be cooked over a fire, in a dutch oven, or in a mess kit. Youth protection and adult leadership clarified language in the adult supervision and accommodations sections.

Using at least five of the 10 cooking methods from requirement 3, prepare and serve yourself and at least one adult parent, family member, guardian, or other responsible adult one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and one dessert from the meals you planned. How to buy a camping stove for your next adventure boys. May 16, 2015 merit badge requirements and worksheets boy scout trail, the bsa merit badge program includes over 120 different areas of knowledge and skills. Red card training boy scouts of greater saint louis. Troop 219 guide to camp cooking 1 may 2005 cooks are not found wandering in the woods. Brush with butter, then sprinkle with sugar and spice. As a counselor, i would not accept a menu based on mres. A breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a trail or backpacking trip where light. Lion scouts tiger scouts wolf scouts bear scouts webelos scouts tenderfoot scouts 2nd class scouts 1st class scouts star scouts life scouts eagle scouts. Scouts south africas library the scouts south africa library contains scouts south africas constitution, child protection policy, and other rules and policies as well as the most frequently used forms. Camping is a cornerstone of the webelos scout program. Backpack, snowshoe, or crosscountry ski for at least 4 miles.

Introducing a convenient update to the stillclassic red uniform jacshirt. Dutch oven recipes from a boy scout outdoor cooking clinic. This is a collection of scout camping recipes for age appropriate and economical. These recipes are designed to introduce leaders and girls to. Cooking merit badge helps and documents scouter mom. Scout programme 2019 introduction to the scout programme find the scout trail, conversion process and more resources here. The merit badge program plays a major role in the scouting advancement program and participation can begin as soon as a scout registers with a troop. If you have no outdoor cooking skills at all, or heck if you just have no cooking skills period this book will help you get started. The general discussion on trail cooking pages 4749 suggests mres, which arent cooking in the sense of this merit badge. With that goal in mind, the emphasis will be on how to cook with and take care of a dutch oven, and on how to successfully cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert in this versatile appliance. Scouting from home patriots path council boy scouts.

While on a trail hike or backpacking trip, prepare and serve two meals and a snack from the. Egg mayonnaise steak and onion with potatoes rolypoly pudding, your list would go something like this. Occasionally, the requirements will not match those in the printed scout handbook, the annual scouts bsa requirements book, or some merit badge pamphlets because of the timing of their printing schedules. Boy scout troop 270 in riverside california is sponsored by the first united methodist church and has been active for over 30 years. Ppt cooking merit badge powerpoint presentation free to. Authors, and avid hikers, christine and tim conners have collected and compiled recipes and tips from scouts and leaders all across the country representing the best in campout cooking for troops large and small.

Bake to cook by dry heat as in a conventional oven, in a dutch oven, or in aluminum foil. A leaders guide to teaching the revised cooking merit badge. Guide them, teach them, but dont do everything for them. A scout can purchase pamphlets from bsa, find them in a troop library, or oftentimes check them out from a public library. District of the rio grande council, boy scouts of america. The cooking merit badge introduces principles of cooking that can be used both at home or in the outdoors. To make this process more real in camp, holcombe invites staff members to lunch each day, including the camp nurse, the office clerk and assorted staffers he affectionately calls the. Vintage boy scouts of america national council aluminum canteen green w. I can personally say its one of the best prepackaged trail meals ive tried. Cooking is a big part of scouting and scouts learn a lot about becoming selfsufficient, clean, patient, and forgiving when it comes to meals cooked in lessthanideal conditions. The philmont cookbook is a project of the 1996 scoutmaster camping.

Meals prepared for rank advancement or other merit badges may not count toward the cooking merit badge. This auction is for vintage boy scout trail chef cook kit original box 17pc this boy scout cook kit comes in its original box. Support the bullied youth in a way that allows him or her to regain selfcontrol, to save face, and to feel safe from retaliation. The cooking merit badge is required for the rank of eagle. This book is an attempt to gather in one place some of the basic information needed for scouts and scouters to be safe and well fed in the outdoors. Apr 27, 2019 there are several cub scout adventures related to cooking. At least one of those meals must be cooked over a fire, or an approved trail stove with proper supervision. Lord robert baden powell what kind of wood is used to start a fire. Those involved in boy scouting say this is an excellent camping cookbook with.

Making your own dehydrated snacks and meals require a little advance planning and preparation, but the reward of enjoying greattasting and nutritious food on the trail makes it all worthwhile. Philmont country cookbook pdf foil dinners pdf the dutch oven cookbook by mike aulderman pdf troop 26 parkville, md cookbook 500 recipes. Everyone can enjoy healthy eating balanced by a little bit of. A new adult blend of 85% wool and 15% nylon creates a comfortable, washable fabric thats not only durable but delivers all the warmth you expect from wool. It will give our guys a good boost of energy when they start lagging behind on the hiking trail. Using the myplate food guide or the current usda nutrition model, plan a menu for trail hiking or backpacking that includes one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and one snack. Urge the patrols to try new recipes and make their meals nutritious and tasty. Some of the items look unused, some of the items have signs of light use. Cooking information troop meetings main event related advancement camping, cooking, and wilderness survival merit badges cooking requirements for tenderfoot, second class, and first class ranks cooking safety cooking requires attention to several key safety concerns.

The scouts outdoor cookbook emphasizes the best food preparation and techniques currently used in scouting. If a scout brought me a menu for requirement 7 that used the trail cooking recipes in the book, i. All the information you need to know about our menus and how we serve those with special dietary needs. Boy scouts of america bsa disposable knifes, forks, and spoons 36 piece. Meats such as steaks, ribs, or chops are typically broiled. Review the national bsa policy on fuels and the local regulations on fires and fuels. Vintage boy scouts of america national council aluminum canteen green w strap. Many good recipes can be found in the cooking merit badge pamphlet. Updated language throughout to reference scouts bsa rather than boy scouts. Tinder name four poisonous snakes found in the united states.

Merit badges give scouts the opportunity to investigate around 120 different areas of knowledge and skills. Crackers, rye crisp, pita, kalvi flat bread, various crisp breads, imported and. Camping updated information about webelos overnight camping. You must not repeat any menus for meals actually prepared or cooked in requirements 4, 5, and 6.

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