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The accessory dwelling unit adu process for home owners and contractors on oahu continues to evolve. Official site for the city contains links to the mayor, city council, city information and other local references. The full city council history of ordinance 1730 extended adu incentives until june 30, 2020, including versions, committee reports, and testimony affordable housing requirement ahr material the dpps rules to implement city s affordable housing requirements became effective march 31, 2019. An accessory dwelling unit, or adu, is an additional dwelling unit on an existing property that includes a full kitchen, a bathroom, sleeping area, and parking stall. In setting policy, the power of the private homeowner is often overlooked as government tends to focus on larger projects.

The citycounty includes both the city of honolulu the states capital and largest city and the rest of the island of o. On tuesday, july 2, 2019, the property search functionality will be upgraded to enhance the user experience on a wider range of various devices, browsers, and viewing sizes. Prior to september 10, 1992 though, the rules were more relaxed, and there was no regulation on occupancy for either side. The land use ordinance, also called luo, defines the different zoning districts in hawaii. While the majority of residential lots in the city are zoned r1 and are not affected by the new adu ordinance, it is possible for future ordinances to extend this to the r1 residential lots as well. Contractors on oahu may be looking forward to new business coming from the construction of new rental units on existing residential properties. City issues 467 adu permitsnew sewer boosts kaneohe adu. Welcome to the city and county of honolulus real property assessment and tax billing information website. This means that your converted ohana unit, or newly built adu is a potential income property, increasing the value of your home and helping offset the costs of construction. Resolution to amendment the zoning code to create adus. In september 2015, the city and county of honolulu loosened this restriction by creating an adu ordinance that legalizes the development and rental of adus see ordinance 154, included in the appendix. The official page of the city and county of honolulu.

The ohana unit versus the adu architect honolulu, hawaii. Honolulu star advertisers kokua line also provides information in its article rules of a homeowners hui override city adu. There are roughly 20,000 lots zoned for adus in honolulu. Secondary suites, or accessory dwelling units, adus, or inlaw apartments, are selfcontained apartments, cottages, or small residential units, that are located on a property that has a separate main, singlefamily home, duplex, or other residential unit. The adu must have road access and one parking spot. Honolulu countys adu ordinance went into effect in september 2015 as part of mayor kirk caldwells affordable housing strategy. An ohana dwelling similar to an accessory dwelling unit is a second home permitted on a lot where zoning normally only allows for one. For some faqs on the adu law, honolulu county building permits, or hawaii real estate, contact me. Accessory dwelling units become legal in honolulu county.

Honolulu county officially known as the city and county of honolulu, formerly oahu county is a consolidated citycounty citation needed in the u. The accessory dwelling unit adu process homeworks hawaii. An adu can either be attached to or detached from the primary residence on the property. City seeks to cut fees to build adus pacific business news. In some cases, the adu or inlaw is attached to the principal dwelling or is an entirely unit, located above a garage or in the backyard on. Accessory dwelling unit precheck forms approved thanks to kk tunnel. The honolulubased company had its eye on the adu bill. Looking to build an accessory dwelling unit in hawaii. Building permit information links and instructions 4. The precheck is mandatory before getting an adu build permit. Accessory dwelling units zero in on housing woes, by andrew gomes, which answers most questions one would have regarding an adu. The accessory dwelling unit adu process the accessory dwelling unit adu process for home owners and contractors on oahu continues to evolve. Aftermaking such a big splash all over the island inthe last year, the city and county have had to adjust and improve to become more effective and efficient in issuing approval. Honolulu vendor self service will allow you to manage your own account information with the city and view the citys procurement solicitations and surplus auctions.

We provide services and information on building permits, development projects, and planning activities for the city and county of honolulu. Accessory dwelling units adus are one component, a first step, towards improving affordability of our great city. Revised ordiances of honolulu chapter public transit. City and county of honolulu department of planning and permitting dpp aloha. As stated in the city and county of honolulu land use ordinance, adus are only allowed on singlefamily lots. An adu is an accessory dwelling unit, or second home, that is allowed to be constructed attached or detached from the primary dwelling unit on a zoned lot. However, unlike the ohana unit, an adu can be rented to anyone as long as the lease is at least six months long. Columbia, missouri now allows accessory dwelling units in all r2 zoned residential lots, excluding two neighborhoods overlay districts. Honolulu after the successful completion of the kaneohekailua wastewater conveyance and treatment facilities project in june of this year, also known as the kk tunnel project, the department of planning and permitting dpp has approved 46 accessory. As of midjanuary, the city and county of honolulu had only approved one new adu building permit, and one building permit to convert an ohana unit into an adu. Multigenerational dwellings were first enacted by the hawaii legislature in 1981, and are often called ohana units. Education, outreach and reform to promote community resiliency through affordable housing. An adu is a simple concept allowing for a second small dwelling to be built on the same property attached or unattached to a singlefamily home. Mayor caldwells bill offers tax breaks to build accessory dwelling units 81018 status of bill 64, a bill for an ordinance relating to building permits.

In an effort to create more affordable housing on oahu, the city and county of honolulu is putting some of the power in homeowners hands by encouraging them to offer legal, longterm rentals on their properties in the form of accessory dwelling units or adus. They can generally be built in agricultural, country, and residential zoning districts. Building permit city and county of honolulu department of. We have been advised that a homeowner may permit a structure i. Today, were going to talk about residential zoning in hawaii. The abcs of adus accessory dwelling units in honolulu. This is george krischke with honolulu hi 5 company now called hawaii living. The city and county of honolulu prohibits property with an ohana or adu to be submitted to condominium. Appendix honolulu6 building permit city and county of honolulu department of planning and permitting dpp building division updated nov 20 permit packet includes. The city and county of honolulu recently passed a law that allows oahu homeowners to build an accessory dwelling unit adu on their property if they meet certain criteria.

Contact the honolulu department of planning and permitting dpp. No warranties, expressed or implied, are provided for the data herein, its use, or interpretation. Twentynine buildingpermit applications with plans have been received and are pending. With skyrocketing construction costs in honolulu and a definitive shortage of affordable housing, city officials have taken note of the continental trend of permitting adus in an attempt to succor affordable housing shortages here in honolulu. City and county of honolulu under the current land use ordinances in honolulu, lots of sufficient size can have up to eight dwelling units on their property. News release from city and county of honolulu, october 2, 2018. Can i condo an ohana or accessory dwelling unit adu. On september 14, 2015, the adu ordinance was signed into law for the city and county of honolulu.

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